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Welcome to my website, Government Refinance. Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Ian and I built this website to share with you free information all about government refinancing programs. I sincerely hope you find my site helpful and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or suggestions!

It's not news that the housing market has left millions of people upside down on their homes. Many of them are receiving help by way of government refinance programs that have been made available to help people get their finances back on track while staying in their homes instead of losing them to foreclosure. If you meet their qualifications you can save your home too. Of course the government refinance programs have stipulations to them depending on which one you choose to apply for. The Making Home Affordable program is one of the main programs that has been created within this past year by the Obama administration.

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If your mortgage isn't backed or owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac you can stop reading here for the Making Home Affordable program. That is the most important qualification that needs to be met before you can proceed. The main goal of this particular government refinance program is to help borrowers refinance their homes who would otherwise not qualify, because the value of their property has declined so much that they are now upside down on their home. People who qualify for this are those who are current on their mortgage presently and who don't have more than one thirty day late pay in their file within the last 12 months. These loans allow for up to 125 percent of the property's current value to be borrowed against. Of course the borrower also has to meet sufficient income requirements in addition to other stipulations such as the property having to be the primary dwelling of the applicant.

This program has the potential to help millions. However, many are already past due on their mortgage payments and unfortunately won't qualify for the program. If you fall into that category then you might qualify for the Home Affordable Modification program instead, which is geared to help consumers whose income or expenses has drastically changed recently, causing them to fall behind in their finances and mortgage payments.

There is so much information available online that with a little time and effort you can find a government refinance program that is right for you! I truly hope this brief introduction to the two main government refinance programs has been of help. Throughout the rest of this site, I expand a bit and cover an exciting introduction to loan financing and mortgage refinancing, two very important topics.

New: Make sure to check out our brand new Government Refinance Guide. Our guide offers a huge amount of information about government refinance programs and is one of the best resources on the topic around!


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